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SIMO Education Online Olympiads are the prestigious and incontestably the toughest Olympiads at Preuniversity level in India. The vision of the Olympiads is to make student think beyond what he is expected to understand at the school level. In the process, we help students think further, realize their misconcepts, work on them and have better grip of the subject. Probably we are the only Olympiads organization in India who can proudly boast of 100% in house framed Questions. Please refer to our Super Challenge in this context. We ensure that our questions focus on applying concepts rather than memorizing them in a routine way. Please refer to our e-books or Model Paper to get the feel of the same. Answering 25%-30% of the question paper correctly usually helps the student stand in top 10% of the Nation! SIMO Education has set the testing and evaluation standards in Olympiads in India. Please refer to our Hall-of-Fame Page to know more coherent success stories! Through seven successful paper based Olympiads till date, we have identified and nurtured hundreds of toppers at various International Olympiads and other competitive national exams. With such an impeccable record, we proudly announce 1st SIMO Education Online Olympiads 2013-14.

Online Olympiads announced for 2013-14 and Eligibility :

1. SIMO Education Indian Mathematics Olymiad (SIMO) – for classes V to XII
2. SIMO Education Indian Physics Olympiad (SIPhO) – for classes VIII to XII
3. SIMO Education Indian Chemistry Olympiad (SIChO) – for classes VIII to XII
4. SIMO Education Indian Science Olympiad (SISO) – for classes V to VII

Details of SIMO Education Online Olympiads 2013-14:

SIMO / SIPHO / SICHO / SISO: Conducted in ONE stage ONLY

SIMO Education Online Olympiads 2013-14 take place on February 16th 2014 and each paper would comprise of 20-30 Multiple Choice Questions to be answered in 90 minutes. The Olympiads can be taken at home at prescribed time. The results of Online Olympiad are published on March 1st 2014 . The Examination fee for each Olympiads is INR 250. This includes Examination charges along with charges for Certificates(both Participation and Merit as the case applies) and Medals(in case of Medal winners). The Fee includes shipping charges as well. Please visit Prizes tab for information on Medals and certificates. The reference books for the Olympiads can be found in Book Store tab. Please take sample tests for further clarity on level of difficulty and type of questions etc.

Model Papers

The Model Papers of the Paper based Olympiads can be useful for Online Olympiads as well. You can download the same by clicking the links below. Note that the other details at the respective pages below are related to Paper based Olympiads.

1.SIMO Education Indian Mathematics Olymiad – SIMO
2.SIMO Education Indian Physics Olympiad – SIPhO
3.SIMO Education Indian Chemistry Olympiad – SIChO
4.SIMO Education Indian Science Olympiad – SISO