Olympiads 2023-24



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After successfully completing 16 Olympiads, SIMO Education proudly announces its 17th Olympiads 2023-24.

Structure of Olympiads

*Selection Criterion for Level 2 (Final Test) is given below

Examination Fees

Rs. 135 per Student for any of the Olympiads.

Timeline for Olympiads 2023-24

Syllabus, Model Papers and Reference Books

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You can view syllabus and download previous year model papers

Registration for Olympiads 2023-24

Registration for SIMO Education Olympiads is completely online and paperless. The registration process is simple and self explanatory. The online registration guide can be downloaded here.

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Selection Criterion for Level II

Image Loading!Student should be in top 8 – 10 % among all the participants that took the Olympiad, based on the relative performance and cut-off marks OR he/she should be in top 4% of the participants from his school (school quota). For example, if the school had 50 students for the Olympiad (across all classes and Olympiads), a minimum of 2 students (4% of 50) will be selected for Stage-II. Usually, the 4% students will be selected based on the nearness to 8 – 10% merit cutoff. The decision of SIMO Education shall be final in all matters pertaining to number of selections for Level II (Final Test).

Awards and Recognition

All the students who attended any of the Olympiads will get a ‘Certificate of Merit and Participation’, indicating the level of performance of the student in the Screening Test.

All India 1st Rank
Rs 5000, Medal of Excellence & Certificate (Classes VIII & above)
Rs 3000, Medal of Excellence & Certificate (Classes VII & below)
All India 2nd Rank
Rs 3000, Medal of Excellence & Certificate (Classes VIII & above)
Rs 2000, Medal of Excellence & Certificate (Classes VII & below)
All India 3rd Rank
Rs 2000, Medal of Excellence & Certificate (Classes VIII & above)
Rs 1000, Medal of Excellence & Certificate (Classes VII & below)
All India 4th to 50th Rank
Medal of Excellence & Certificate (for classes III to XII)
All India 50th to 100th Rank
Medal of Honor & Certificate (for classes III to XII)

Students who secure All India Rank below 10 in all SIMO, SIPHO and SICHO will be awarded a laptop

Venue Details

The venue of all One Level tests and Level 1 (Screening Test) of SIMO, SIPHO and SICHO would be the participating school, subject to a minimum participation of 50 students across all classes and all Olympiads from the school. If the number of participants falls short of 50, SIMO Education may provide nearest center as Test center. The duly filled in OMR Sheets must reach SIMO Education within 3 working days. The venue for the Level 2 test of SIMO, SIPHO and SICHO will be decided by SIMO Education based on the nearest available center and the decision shall be final.

About SIMO Education

SIMO Education is an amalgamation of IIT alumni working for promotion of basic sciences and education in India and South-East Asia. SIMO Education Olympiads is our initiative to brain storm students and improve their cognitive skills. Through ten successful Olympiads we have nurtured hundreds of toppers at various International Olympiads and highly competitive national exams like IIT JEE and AIEEE.

SIMO Super Challenge

SIMO Education content development teams consisting of past International/National Olympiad Awardees, consistently develop new problems on various concepts for SIMO Education Olympiads. This is striking feature of our Olympiads and our papers receive wide appreciation from International Problem Solvers community across the globe. We are proud Olympiad content partners of many companies and organizations across the world. As per recommendations of Olympiads Core committee, we announce a cash award of Rs. 5,000 (Rupees Five Thousand only) per each problem, in case, if you are first to find exact problem at any other place in the world prior to SIMO Education Olympiad. The challenge is valid till announcement of Screening Test results.

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Important Contacts

Call us at: +91 9246357466
Write to us at info@simoeducation.com
Follow us on Facebook at www.fb.com/simoeducation to stay updated with our Olympiads.