Content Development

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Content is SIMO Education’s forte! No wonder why all leading Education corporates and schools are eager to tie up with us for their high quality content needs.

We have launched Custom Content Development (CCD) project in June 2011. We have completed about 12 projects with various corporate/schools in India and abroad till date. In June 2012, we have started a dedicated team for these projects.

Schools or Corporates looking for content, particularly in the form of Questions with detailed solutions are our prospective customers for CCD. We build the content for them in time and transfer the copy right to them post project. We assure you top quality, 100% copy right protected, original content by us. Currently, we are undertaking CCD only for subjects Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. All our content developers are IITians, most of them being Olympiad Awardees at National/International level.

Schools/Corporates who are interested in this product may write to