About Olympiads

SIMO Education Olympiads are the prestigious and incontestably the toughest Olympiads at Preuniversity level in India. The vision of the Olympiads is to make student think beyond what he is expected to understand at the school level. In the process, we help students think further, realize their misconcepts, work on them and have better grip of the subject. Probably we are the only Olympiads organization in India who can proudly boast of 100% in house framed Questions. Please refer to our Super Challenge in this context. We ensure that our questions focus on applying concepts rather than memorizing them in a routine way. Please refer to our e-books or Model Paper to get the feel of the same. Answering 25%-30% of the question paper correctly usually helps the student clear the Screening Test! SIMO Education has set the testing and evaluation standards in Olympiads in India. Please refer to our Hall-of-Fame Page to know more coherent success stories! Through six successful Olympiads till date, we have identified and nurtured hundreds of toppers at various International Olympiads and other national exams. With such an impeccable record, we proudly announce 8th SIMO Education Olympiads 2014-15.

Olympiads announced for 2013-14 and Eligibility :

1. SIMO Education Indian Mathematics Olymiad (SIMO) – for classes III to XII
2. SIMO Education Indian Physics Olympiad (SIPhO) – for classes VIII to XII
3. SIMO Education Indian Chemistry Olympiad (SIChO) – for classes VIII to XII
4. SIMO Education Indian Biology Olympiad (SIBO) – for classes VIII to XII
5. SIMO Education Indian Science Olympiad (SISO) – for classes III to VII
6. Indian National Aptitude Test (INAT) – for classes III to XII
7. Indian National Informatics Olympiad(INIO) – for classes V to XII
8. Indian National English Olympiad (INEO) – for classes III to XII

Please click on respective (blue) links for more details like syllabus, model papers, reference books etc., of the Olympiad


Deadline for receipt of completed applications(for all Olympiads): August 31st 2014
(Schools can click here to start online application now!)

Screening Test 2014: September 20th 2014 (for SIMO/SISO)

Screening Test 2014: September 21st 2014 (for SIPHO/SICHO)

Receipt of OMR sheets by SIMO Education: September 25th 2014

(Receipt of OMR Sheets post-deadline will not be entertained under any circumstances)

INAT/INEO : November 2014

INIO/SIBO : November 2014

Declaration of Screening Test 2014 Results: Third week of November 2014 (tentatively)

(Results will be put up on our website ONLY)

Final Test of SIMO Education Olympiads: December 2014
(Hall Tickets for Final Test can be downloaded from website ONLY)

Declaration of Final Test and INAT/INEO/INIO/SIBO Results: Second Week of February 2015 (tentatively)

Dispatch of Prizes/Medals/Certificates: March 15th – March 31st 2015 (tentatively)


Mode of SIMO Education Olympiads 2014-15:

1. SIMO / SIPHO / SICHO : Conducted in two stages – Level 1 and Level 2

Level 1 (The Screening Test) would comprise of 20-30 Multiple Choice Questions to be answered in 90 minutes. Students are allowed to bring rough sheets to examination. Students who clear Screening Test on basis of selection criterion given below will be allowed to take part in Level II (Final Test) which would be conducted at SIMO Education Examination Centers across India. Note that standards XI and XII will not have final test. They shall take one level test on the same day of Screening Test for other classes. The Final Test is also an Objective examination consisting of 30-40 Multiple Choice Questions. The venue of the Screening Test of SIMO / SIPHO / SICHO and SISO / INAT / INEO / INIO / SIBO would be the participating school, subject to a minimum participation of 50 students across all classes and all Olympiads from the school. If the number of participants falls short of 50, SIMO Education may provide nearest center for Screening Test. The duly filled in OMR Sheets must reach SIMO Education within 3 working days. The venue of the Final Test of SIMO / SIPHO / SICHO will be decided by SIMO Education and the decision shall be final.


Student should be in top 5 – 6 % among all the participants that took the Olympiad, based on the relative performance and cut-off marks OR he/she should be in top 4 % of the participants from his school (school quota).

For example, if the school sponsored 50 students for the Olympiad (across all classes and Olympiads), a minimum of 2 students (4% of 50) will be selected for Stage-II. Usually, the 4% students will be selected based on the nearness to 5 – 6% merit cutoff. The decision of SIMO Education shall be final in all matters pertaining to number of selections to Stage-II.

2. SISO/INAT/INEO/INIO/SIBO: Conducted in Single stage

SISO, INAT, INIO, SIBO and INEO are conducted in a single stage and consist of 30-40 Multiple Choice Questions to be answered in 120 minutes.

Please note that the decision of SIMO Education is final and abiding in all aspects of the examination including selection, venues, cancellation, admission, results etc.,

Olympiad Fee and related details

Rs. 125 (Rupees One Hundred and Twenty Five) is to be collected by schools for each candidate and for each Olympiad. An amount of Rs 10 per candidate can be retained by schools to meet contingencies like dispatch of OMR sheets, paraphernalia, invigilation, obtaining Demand Draft etc., No other expenses would be reimbursed/entertained by SIMO Education in this regard. The rest of the amount of Rs 115 per candidate is to be paid to SIMO Education by way of Demand Draft or online payment at our website during online applicaiton. The demand draft shall be taken in favor of “SIMO EDUCATION INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED” payable at Hyderabad. The address to which the Demand Draft must be sent to is given at the payment section of online application. No other modes of payment are accepted by us. SIMO Education is not responsible for cash transactions with individuals or any other representatives. Please note that we do not have any Coordinators or Agents for this purpose. Kindly contact our office at 040 64517466 in case of any related issues.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

1.Can individual students register through online application for SIMO Education Olympiads 2013-14?
No, individual students can not register through online application. Only schools are eligible for SIMO Education Olympiads 2014-15 for online application. However, they can enroll for Online Olympiads.

2. Is it required that schools are registered/affliated to a Board to enroll for SIMO Education Olympiads 2014-15?
Not really. Even coaching centers, unregistered schools can enroll for SIMO Education Olympiads 2014-15.

3. My school does not participate in SIMO Education Olympiads 2014-15. But I am very eager to take them. Is there a way in?
Yes! If you are really eager to enroll, you can register for Online Olympiads!

4. Do we have any study material and syllabus details for SIMO Education Olympiads 2014-15?
Ofcourse yes! Students can go to links of individual Olympiads and check for syllabus, model papers, e-books and Reference books. They give exact feel of the Olympiads as they contain solutions to our previous year question papers.