Individual Request Form

Note: This is a request form for Individual Registration and hence does not entitle a registration automatically. The registration of individual is at discretion of SIMO Education. If SIMO Education considers obliges request, individual needs to pay an amount of Rs. 300 per Olympiad and register. Also, he/she needs to take all the tests that happen on Screening Test or both INAT&INEO or both INIO&SIBO tests in this case. For example if a IX standard student want to enroll for SIMO as individual, he has to enroll for SIPHO and SICHO as well. But he need not enroll for INAT/INEO/INIO/SIBO. Similarly, if he want to enroll for INAT, he has to enroll for INEO as well. But he need not enroll for SIMO/SIPHO/SICHO/INIO/SIBO. If considered, SIMO Education allocates nearest possible center to the student to take the test. No correspondence in this regard is entertained. However, SIMO Education considers such requests only when a school is available in his/her respective town/city.